Money Orders

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Payday Express Money Order Services Makes Sending Money Simple and Secure

As proud Western Union agents, our money order services provide a secure way of sending money anytime, anywhere.  A money order is similar to a check, but much more reliable. Money orders are widely considered to be one of the safest forms of money transfers. Most businesses accept money orders when they may not accept typical forms of payment, such as checks or credit cards. This is due to the simple fact that money orders are incredibly reliable and risk-free. You can use money orders to pay bills, send money to a loved one, or save the money to be used for yourself at a later date. The money order never expires, so you can use it whenever the time is right for you.

Getting a Money Order

When you visit our Payday Express locations, we make the money order process simple no matter where you are. Simply provide your cash deposit plus a 75-cent fee, and receive your money order. You are free to give the money order to anyone and use it anywhere money orders are accepted. At any one of our Western Union agency locations, you can take out money orders worth up to $1000. As a trusted Western Union agent, we make it easy to purchase a money order at any of our convenient locations throughout the Midwest.

Benefits of Money Orders

Money orders are one of the most reliable ways to send money or make payments. One of the main reasons money orders are more reliable and secure than standard methods of payment is that, unlike a personal check, a money order will never bounce due to insufficient funds. Once deposited, your money is secured until the proper recipient claims your money order. The money order will never bounce, unlike a check.

Many businesses prefer money orders over checks for the sole reason that they know that they will get their money. As a certified partner with Western Union, money orders from any one of our locations are the most reliable and secure alternative payment solution for you.

Want to make secure payments without using a personal check or cash? We make the money order process simple and easy. Stop by one of our Midwest locations today to get fast cash easily!

Money Order FAQs

Do Money Orders Expire?

No, money orders never expire, and the money order can be used whenever it is needed.

Can I Replace my Money Order if it is Damaged?

Yes, money orders can be replaced with relatively minimal effort by the customer.

How Much Does it Cost Me to Get a Money Order?

Money orders are very cost effective, only 75-cents per money order.

Can My Money Order Bounce in the Same Way That a Check May Bounce?

No, a money order will never bounce. Your cash deposit is put in a secure location, waiting for the money order to be used. Since the money is paid for up front, there will never be insufficient funds

Where Can my Money Order be Used?

Money orders from our Western Union agency can be used at a wide variety of places. You can use it to pay bills, buy goods at a variety of retail stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, and more. You can also cash in a money order at all Western Union agent locations across the Midwest.

How Do I Cash in My Money Order?

The easiest way to cash your money order is to bring it back into a Payday Express location, but it can be cashed in at a multitude of places. Money orders can be cashed in at banks directly into your bank account or given back in cash. Money orders can also be cashed at many different convenience stores.

Am I Better Off Using a Money Order Over a Check?

In a lot of situations, money orders are preferred over checks. Businesses often accept money orders over personal checks and other methods of payment because they will not ever bounce, and it is a certainty that right amount of cash will be received. Another benefit to using a money order vs. checks or other methods of payment is that money orders are easily replaced if lost or stolen, and they are much safer to carry than large amounts of cash.