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Americash is the Best Place to Get Your Checks Cashed Fast!

The flexible check cashing service at Americash makes it simple to get your check cashed when it’s most convenient. We offer cash checking services even after the banks close! We understand there are many reasons why you might need to cash checks quickly, so we work around YOUR schedule, while the banks and other check cashing services make you work around theirs. When you’re off work, we’re still working, so you can get checks cashed on your time.

Perhaps it is payday, but you work later than 5:00 pm, and you need your hard earned cash now. Visit Americash’s speedy check cashing service at one of our several convenient locations throughout the Midwest. We are here when you need us most, and that’s why our Americash locations offer “after-hours” check cashing during the weekdays. Americash also offers afternoon check cashing on Saturday, when the banks have closed. We work longer hours for your convenience, because the need for fast cash can arise far beyond bank hours.

At Americash, you can get your checks cashed efficiently, so you can pay off bills, go out for on a night on the town, or simply to have a few extra bucks at your disposal. We also cash a wide range of checks, whether it be a weekly or bi-weekly employment check, an insurance check, a government check, or even tax refunds. When you need your check cashed, come to Americash for flexible hours and superior service.

Our Easy Check Cashing Process

At Americash, we make check cashing quick and easy. All you need to do is bring a valid I.D. Then, you will be asked to answer a few questions, to ensure that the money is going to the correct person. After those two easy steps, we will put your money where it belongs–in your hands. No credit check required. Our courteous check cashing staff will take the bank out of the equation for you.

We also believe in reasonable fees. Americash only charges a small fee of the total check amount in order for it to be cashed. You don’t even need a bank account! You can rest easy knowing that you got your cash quickly without the hassle. When you cash in your checks with Americash, we make it stress-free!

Come to Americash for quick and easy, hassle-free check cashing!

Check Cashing FAQs

Where Can I Cash My Checks?

You can cash your check at any one of Americash’s convenient locations across the Midwest.

What Kind of Checks Can I Cash?

You can cash a variety of different checks; employment checks, insurance checks, government checks, and more! We even cash tax refunds! PLEASE NOTE: Americash does not accept personal or two-party checks.

How Late Can I Get My Checks Cashed?

Most locations are open later than the banks, during the week, and on Saturday.

What Do I Need to Bring to Get My Check Cashed?

All you need to get a check cashed is a valid form of identification, and we can get that check cashed a soon as possible.

Is There a Credit Check?

No, we do not go through the credit check process to get you your money.

Are There Any Fees to Get my Check Cashed?

We charge a very small percentage as a handling charge.

Do I Need a Bank Account to Get My Check Cashed?

At Americash, there is no need for a bank account to get a check cashed.